Thursday, September 22, 2011


When I was little, I vaguely remember hearing references to selling bad children to gypsies. I don't specifically recall my mother ever threatening this, but I am quite positive that she had many moments during my childhood when it may have seemed like a decent option.

I had one of those days yesterday. I should preface this by saying that I love my son more than anything and he is generally a fun and energetic almost-2-year-old. Oh, but yesterday. The Numa is teething (still...I am pretty sure he will be 21 when he gets his final baby tooth) and on Wednesday, well apparently it was just too much for him. Everything made him unhappy. He wanted me to pick him up. So I did. Then he cried because I was holding him and he wanted down. So I put him down. More tears and hugging my legs while whining "up dee" (which means "up please" in Numa speak). Anything I did and anything he did resulted in tears, whining, both or worse. It was a long, long day and I was so glad that he finally settled down long enough to read a couple of books at bedtime.

Today was much better. He is mostly back to his old self and I think that I can see the tooth that was causing all the woe. We had dinner out to celebrate a return to normalcy and are hoping that the worst is over. At least for this week.

Be well,


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So many things. First of all, we named our new kitty! Radar is settling in just fine and he and Saoirse have made peace and are now fast friends. They are both getting over a nasty bout of conjunctivitis courtesy of the shelter but are recovering well and we feel confident that he is going to fit right in here.

We have spent most of September with various family, which has been both wonderful and exhausting. All of the Numa's grandparents have been in town, as well as his great aunt and uncle from Roanoke and his great-great aunt and uncle from Northern VA. He has had a great time and it should only take us about a month to recover. Thankfully, we have a few free weekends coming up, which should provide us with some downtime.

It is quickly becoming fall in New England and I am so excited. I love fall. I love the changing leaves, the crisp air, the apple picking and Halloween. I am still trying to decide what the Nums is going to be for Halloween this year and am leaning toward something traditional, like a mummy. It would be a much easier costume than the scrubs I made him last year (adorable, I will try to find a picture) and also conforms to my desire to avoid branded characters. I have a loose idea of how I will construct the costume and I may even have the supplies already on hand.

I am hoping to use my time this fall to post lots more stuff. I have some ideas filed away to make my own packing cubes and also have some new recipes to try and some old ones to post, so hopefully there will be much more activity on here this October and November. Until then, enjoy this picture of our newest fuzzy butt.


Be well,