Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So many things...

I feel honor bound to at least mention my complete and utter failure to post twice weekly. The fact that my last post was in April is a little embarrassing, but that is lessened somewhat by my knowledge that no one reads this blog but me. Which means that I will forgive myself and move on, rather than asking for anyone else's understanding or forgiveness. If anyone is reading this, please accept my abject apology.

There are many reasons for not posting, but mostly this just isn't habit yet for me. Plus, unlike much of the blogging world, I'm not sure I'm doing anything that would interest anyone but me or my spouse. How boring is that?

Well, since I am on there may as well be updates. The Numa is sick again, just in time for me to be home from a work trip and for the husband to leave for the same. That means it's just me and the Nums, at home, dealing with a stomach bug. Poor little guy. Just for fun, he also got pink eye. He has been whiny and upset for two days, so not only am I not getting work done at work, I am also getting nothing done at home. And we have company coming this weekend. Of course.

I am so frustrated. I missed my little guy so much while I was gone and am super happy to be home with him. In fact, I wouldn't want anyone else to be here with him while he's sick, since I know that I will go every extra mile to help him feel better and prevent further issues, like the dreaded diaper rash of death he got with his last stomach bug. It takes forever to change him right now, but so far (fingers crossed) I have managed to keep most of his little bottom clear. All that being said, it sucks to have so much to do, both at home and at work, and not be able to accomplish any of it. And now I'm whining...apparently that part of his illness is catching.

Then there is our older cat, Otis, who is in the last stages of renal failure. I will write a longer post on that later, because I am really struggling with the decision we have made.

I guess that's all for now. Hopefully good news will follow.

Be well,


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