Thursday, May 3, 2012

And then it was May.

Where did April go? I am not sure, but I don't think I miss it. We finally moved out of our apartment and into our house (with a brief stay at a local hotel) at the beginning of April. The renovations were *mostly* completed but as of today, there are still things left to do, albeit small ones. Items left on the list are installing wall sconces in all bedrooms and capping any exposed connections that won't be getting sconces; installing vanity lights in the upstairs bathrooms; replacing the ceiling light in the family room; final touch-up painting in all rooms; installing the under-sink shelf and glass shower panel in the downstairs bathroom; and unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. Everyone looks so surprised when they find out that we aren't fully unpacked after a month, but with a toddler, full time jobs, a 2 week bought of upper respiratory infections and a very large baby belly inhibiting progress, I am amazed that we have accomplished anything at all. And, oh my, the belly. My abdomen has officially given up and admitted defeat to the apparent amusement of most people I meet. I am so uncomfortable already (and not due till early July...grrrr), with the huge belly, swollen feet, and a very active fetus that I just want to cry. Not to mention punch the next person who grins and asks "are you SURE it isn't twins?" Why does that give people such joy? Also, my patience and sense of humor seem diminished...

I promise myself that I will post the remaining level of rooms as a house tour and then will start to post progress pics very soon. Also, I have a new list of tips for moving your entire household, including pets, and pregnancy updates. But right now, it is time to get the Numa!

Be well,


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