Monday, March 11, 2013

Who shot J.R.?

I hate cliffhangers. A lot. As a plot device I can understand their appeal and I can tolerate them if they are used sparingly and unobtrusively. (Or to save your own life...I have nothing but respect for Scheherazade.) But some authors/writers just have no clue when enough is enough. This is why, despite the accolades that poured in from the rest of the world, I just couldn't stand The DaVinci Code. Dan Brown ended almost every chapter with a cliffhanger which seemed sloppy at best and made the book, in my opinion at least, virtually unreadable.

Why am I talking about cliffhangers? Well, it turns out that I unintentionally created some of my own when I failed to finish my series of posts about my breastfeeding journey or the series about the kitchen. In an effort not to become that person, I will try to finish both series in the next week or so, thus ending any suspense about feeding HH (spoiler: she is exclusively formula fed and just fine) or about the conclusion of our kitchen remodel (spoiler: we have some issues with our wall oven but otherwise are pretty happy).

In the meantime, I just discovered an excellent post on Babble about breast hypoplasia that was written last fall. I am sharing it here because I know I would have appreciated finding it while I was still in the throes of frustration and disappointment while trying to breastfeed my two little ones. Hopefully it will help someone else who is in the same situation.

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