Thursday, April 11, 2013

Right now.

Right now, I...

Am home for my second vacation day to try to get the house cleaned and organized.

Have found at least 6 BIG boxes worth of stuff for the upcoming yard sale.

Am listening to Roundtrip :: April mixtape by Anoraak because M left it playing. I like it.

Can't believe that HH learned to crawl literally overnight and by Monday was seriously on the move.

Love that anytime HH falls while crawling the Numa is the first to hug her and say "iss okay."

Wish I had the money to hire someone to take care of this mess for me.

Have just remembered that I need to call our insurance company about some benefits.

Am anticipating a phone call from an old friend who found me on FB.

Want to knit or sew or cook...anything but more cleaning.

Will probably change the music soon because this mix is too chill to inspire rapid progress.

Should get back to it because I have to get the littles in just 3 hours.

Decided on Robert Plant and Alison Krauss for motivation. Along with Frou Frou and Katy Perry. I'm nothing if not eclectic.

Swear that I will post the final two entries in the kitchen series by Monday. Cross my heart.

Be well,


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