Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Right now.

Reading the blogs of other, more motivated creators of lovely things.

Listening to Saoirse purr as she sleeps next to my leg.

Watching season 5 of Frasier while M isn't home to complain.

Waiting for HH to wake from her nap.

Hoping her cough is better by tomorrow.

Planning her Halloween costume - she is going to be Dorothy and I am working on a way to create an apron-esque costume that is somewhat close in appearance to the original.

Glad that the Numa wanted to be a lion, which sparked a Wizard of Oz theme.

Preparing to follow the yellow brick road with them as the Scarecrow.

Giggling when I think of M as the Tin Man.

Ignoring the huge pile of laundry that needs to be least until I finish this post.

Missing my darling niece, E, and my sister and her guy but so happy I could spend a week with them.

And my mom. Missing her too but she will be with us in a week!

Loving the office progress M made while I was out of town.

Wondering what kind of yard work could be causing the loud noises behind our house.

Thinking of making pizza for dinner using this crust recipe from Elise.

Wishing I had socks feet are cold.

Thankful that yesterday was a good day at work. That is rare right now.

Getting off my bum and headed into the kitchen to make pizza dough.

Be well,


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