Saturday, October 8, 2011

And then he was 2.

Not really, but the attitude is there. I was fully prepared for the Numa to eventually go through the terrible twos. I just didn't realize that it would a) happen so early (he doesn't actually turn two until the end of the year) or b) that it would be so sudden. As in, one day, my darling son was the child who made most people say "hey, this isn't so bad. I could handle this." And the next day, he became the child who makes almost everyone think "what is wrong with this kid's parents? Haven't they ever heard of discipline?" or "maybe we should call child protective services because screams that loud are a clear indication of abuse." I can tell the next few months are going to be super fun. It is next to impossible to take him anywhere now, because all he wants to do is run loose, whether we are in a restaurant or a parking lot. And it is impossible to explain to someone this little and moody that running through a parking lot just isn't a good idea. So he screams and we look like terrible parents. Oh well. Who needs more friends, right?

On a positive note, I am getting all of my ideas and supplies ready to participate in the Fall 2011 Kids Clothes Week Challenge, issued by Elsie Marley. If you don't yet read Elsie Marley, you should, because Meg writes a wonderful blog and makes adorable things for her little people. I will be making several things for my Numa, including some new pants (using this pattern from Made), a new knitted hat (probably the Noro hat) and his Halloween costume! So fun. I will be posting each day about the progress I made the day before, so stay tuned.

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