Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am not technically behind on KCWC. I have spent at least one hour each day since Monday (Sunday, actually) working on kid's clothing. However, I have yet to finish anything. So far, my week has consisted of two not-so-perfect attempts at projects. My biggest challenge when making anything is my constant fear of making things too small. That means that I tend to overestimate and everything comes out waaaay too big. I frogged my first hat cast on (plus 20 rows...frown) because it became very obvious that it was going to fall off of the Numa's head, rather than keeping it warm. Similarly, I cut a pair of pants for him that are at least 2 inches too long and 2 inches too big in the waist. That was actually only partly due to a fear of creating too-small pants...part of it was due to the fact that I really wanted the pockets of the shirt I was refashioning to be on the back of the pants. Unfortunately, the pockets of an adult men's shirt are too big to really be the back pockets of the Numa's pants, so I am removing the pockets (re-removing in one case) in order to cut them down further. I am going to have to add some sort of patch, though, because of how the shirt is worn around the pockets. I may just chuck was a really old shirt, after all.

The good news here is that the pattern I made is actually good. Tomorrow I will use it more faithfully to make a lightweight pair of pj pants as a fore-runner to the Halloween pants. I feel certain that it will work out beautifully.

So, actual pics to come, including pics of the failed pants attempt.

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