Saturday, August 25, 2012


One of our go-to take out spots for dinner is Neillio's in Lexington. They have a good selection of hot foods that are ready when you get there and when our day gets a little busier than usual, we can grab dinner quickly and be home. A plus of going there is that Neillio's is right next to one of the Lexington fire stations...the Numa is obsessed with fire engines and other emergency response vehicles and loves to point them out as we drive. He calls the stations "tunnels" and always tells us that the fire engines are sleeping in their tunnels. So cute.

Anyway, the Numa and I were charged with picking up turkey to go with Wednesday's dinner and he was delighted to see that all of the doors to the fire station were open and there were lots of fire engines inside. He wanted to go check it out and I was thisclose to telling him that we didn't have time. I do this so often because we really are busy with a toddler and an infant but his fascination with these things won't last forever and I decided to make time. We walked over, hand in hand because it is close to the road, and looked at the fire engines while standing just outside the doors. He wanted to go in, but I didn't want to be in the way so we just looked and talked. As we were walking away, one of the fire fighters walked out and asked if we wanted to come in! He introduced himself as Jimmy, and as it turns out he is the fire captain. We got to check out the whole station with one of the other fire fighters (Rob) and even got to sit in one of the trucks as it entered the station, which delighted the Numa. Jimmy offered to let the Nums try on his jacket, but someone suddenly became shy and didn't want to. Regardless, he was so excited to see the trucks up close and get to ride in the truck. It was a great time and I wish I had pictures!

I think the main reason I am posting this is to remember these moments with my little guy. Just as importantly though, I want to express my thanks to all the hard working public servants who took 15 minutes out of their day to entertain my son. It was incredibly nice of them to invite us in and show us around and I really appreciate their hospitality when I am sure they wanted to be on their way home.

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