Saturday, January 19, 2013

Right now.

Right now, I...

Should be in bed.

Am listening to a baby cough every so often and hoping she doesn't fully wake.

Wonder whether or not I should wake M again, as he has fallen asleep with the Numa.

Am still enjoying our Christmas tree, which I will probably leave up until at least Valentine's Day.

Have a dishwasher full of clean dishes that I really should unload. (This seems to be a theme with me.)

Wish I had made more than just 2 cupcakes (excellent recipe by Brett Bara...find it here).

Desperately need to clean the den.

Am watching Burn Notice and listening to Imogen Heap at the same time.

Hope that the munchkin's stubborn tooth emerges soon.

Need to stop worrying about M's upcoming trip and just trust that we will live through it.

Have to go pick up my crying little person, because teething is a bitch.

Be well,


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