Saturday, July 30, 2011


Unbelievable though it may be, I am actually going to post about the craft projects I have recently completed...AND tell you (or no one, as it were) about the two I just completed tonight! Well, it is actually 2am but let's call it tonight for simplicity's sake.

The craft projects I hinted at in a previous post were very different from each other, sharing only a use of thread of some thickness. Before a recent trip, I made a stuffed rabbit for my niece. Why I failed to take pictures is beyond me, but maybe I will ask my sister-in-law if she can snap one. The bunny was long of legs and arms and her body was made of some thin-ish, dark, stretchy denim I had in my stash. I gave her a purple organza under skirt with a floral cotton overlay that was permanently attached and a hand-embroidered face done in yellow floss, which contrasted nicely with the dark denim. I still struggle with stuffed animals, mainly because I loathe hand sewing (except embroidery, I am oddly drawn to embroidery) and if you have ever sewn plush toys, you know it can be difficult to avoid that final step. The really sad part of all of this is that hand stitching would have been faster. Sigh. Anyway, she was really darling and I hope that my equally darling niece is enjoying her. I promise to request a pic so I can post it here.

The second project I tackled was making a friendship bracelet. On another recent trip I was traveling alone, which leaves me with so much free time that I constantly worry I have forgotten something. Getting on a plane with one bag has become less freeing and more disturbing, leaving me with a vague sense of unease a-la the mother in Home Alone. Except that I knew the Numa was safe with his dad and I really was just being neurotic. What was I talking about? Oh, right, friendship bracelets. I found and pinned this tutorial from honestlywtf a while back and surmised that the knot tying involved in these cute accessories was probably like riding a bike and would come back to me as soon as I started it. Luckily, I was right and after my second row I almost didn't need to look. I started with a bracelet that proudly displayed the colors of my alma mater - Go Hokies! - and was planning to work on an ombre fade peach to natural bracelet on my way home. Instead, I fell asleep on the plane, which is also a luxury that is impossible to enjoy when traveling with little people. I will get back to my other planned bracelets at some point and will take a picture of my orange and maroon one as soon as I can find it in the wasteland of our house.

This post is getting long...but who cares? It is late and I am going to finish this dammit. (Okay, so I lied. I typed out the project description and a quick tutorial and it was way too long. So I will add a second post. This is a rare event for me and should not be considered to be indicative of a long-term change in my MO.)

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