Sunday, July 31, 2011

A week in the life: Day 1.

I have to open briefly with this: I am somewhat nervous about starting this week thing, since my follow through on this blog is spotty at best. But, well begun is half done and every journey of a thousand steps, etc, so I am starting this and hoping to finish. We'll see.

Saturday: After a late night crafting and not being able to unwind, we are awakened at 5:30am by the little guy, who has a full diaper and more energy that is really necessary at that hour. After a pants change and a sippy cup, I lay down in his room and let him do his thing while I try to catch another hour or so of sleep. At 7 it is clear that he is not going to settle so we all get up. The mister and I take turns showering and watching the Nums; I load the dishwasher and feed Saoirse and Matt gets the little man ready for Saturday breakfast. We usually have Saturday breakfast at 8:30 with J and B, but they are camping for the weekend so it is just the three of us. We grab gifts for our friends A and A, who are very new parents to baby M and whom we plan to stop in to see after breakfast. We got them the Numa's favorite book, Listen Listen, and I made them a DIY ribbon-edged comfort blanket (super cute, with a quilt-square front in oranges and aquas and a chocolate brown fuzzy back). We wait a while for a table because apparently the secret is out about our hole-in-the-wall diner, but once we are seated a waitress realizes we are regulars and our order (tomato, spinach and feta scramble for me, eggs benny for the Mr. and scrambled eggs and berries for the little guy) comes out right away.

After breakfast we head to A and A's to meet M, who is oh so tiny and delicate and delicious at 10 days old. I get to hold him for a while and I remember what I loved about having such a little person to spend my days with. We don't stay long, as we don't want to interrupt their day, and the Numa falls asleep on the way home around 10:30. I take the down time to clean off my desk...finally. It has needed sorting and filing for months and for some reason, I have been really unmotivated most of this summer. In the last few days, though, I am starting to recover some of my desire to do more than pin things and read blogs. This must be a good sign.

The Numa wakes from his nap a little after 2pm (go little man!) and we have a cup and some crackers and play until the mister gets home from having his hair cut. Chipotle for lunch and then packing ensues for our trip to a cookout in Plymouth. We finally leave (with like 5 bags...seriously, some people pack less for weekend trips to Europe) and get to the middle of nowhere around 5. Tons and tons of people came out for the annual Carl and Kirsten fest, and we finally get to meet their little guy, X, who is mellow and adorable. One of the guests has brought not only bubbles for all the little kids, but also a bouncy tent (!!) which the Numa loves. He bounces and runs through the sprinkler and hits on the darling Gina who is close to his age and very sweet. We eat and chat until around 8:30, when the Numa is really done (it being an hour past his bedtime). We bundle him into clean pants and pj's and hit the road. I am in and out the entire trip (thankfully, M is driving) and we get home just after 10. We transfer the little man with no issues and I fall into bed at 10:30.

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