Thursday, July 14, 2011

New beginnings.

When last I posted, I was facing a terrible decision. Sad to say, we had to let Otis go that Friday. We agonized over the timing but by Friday morning when our vet came to the house, he had pretty much stopped grooming and was clearly telling us that he was ready. We held him and talked to him the whole time, and his last conscious act was to quickly gobble some of his favorite food. That's our boy. We had him cremated with his favorite toy, a stuffed pig he had since he was a kitten. We miss him but feel very sure that we made the right choice and are so grateful to him for that last gift.

Now we face a dilemma. We had planned to wait a while before getting another cat, but our remaining fuzzy girl is very, very lonely. She and Otis were never what you might call buddies, but their shared eye-level seemed to make them both more secure. Without him, she has started crying at night when no one is with her. The Mr is allergic to cats (yes, we knew that when we got them and no, we don't regret it) so choosing a new kitty makes him a little trepidatious. We did some research before getting our first cat and found that female cats and lighter-colored cats produce (on average) less of the allergy inducing protein found in their saliva, so we would like to play the odds on those two counts. We wanted a kitten, thinking that Saoirse would adapt better to a younger newcomer (and they to her), but with a toddler at home I just can't justify having a very young kitten. I am thinking that somewhere between 8 months and 1.5 years will be just right. I guess we'll find out...the Boston MSPCA is having a kitten adopt-a-thon this weekend (locals can see details here: Boston MSPCA Kitten Adopt-a-thon - I am IN LOVE with the little cross-eyed kitty on the page. Seriously, how adorable is that?) and we may stop by, which will no doubt lead to me falling in love with a new kitty. It usually does.

In other news, the Numa has been bitten twice this week at daycare. We completely understand that this happens from time to time and that it is typical of this age group, but twice in a week? He has little teeth marks on his hand and, for extra fun, is also fighting what appear to be allergies and has these puffy little eyes. The poor guy. He is still a happy, outgoing little man though, and seems to be emerging from the separation anxiety that has been plaguing him and us for the past two months which is really good news.

I finally got around to completing not one but TWO craft projects in the past couple of weeks AND trying out 2 new recipes! Details on the projects, recipes and how I found the time later this week.

Be well,


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