Monday, August 1, 2011

A week in the life: Day 2.

Sunday: No doubt due to his late bedtime from yesterday, the Numa wakes around 3am. We get him a bottle and install clean pants and M gets him re-settled in bed while I go back to sleep. Our alarm goes off at 7 and I proceed to hit snooze until 7:30, when we decide to finally get up and feed Saoirse, who has been crying for the last hour. She really needs a new friend. We are actually returning to the same breakfast spot we went to yesterday again today, this time to meet some friends from work. I shower and M starts getting ready, as he showered last night while I was asleep. Numa wakes up just as I get out of the shower and is all smiles thanks to sleeping until 8. We all get ready (though the Nums doesn't want to brush his teeth this morning...usually he loves it but today, not so much) and head out the door early. We have a lovely breakfast with friends and then head to Target to pick up some necessaries. While in the store, we randomly run into Numa's very first daycare teacher! She was wonderful with him but we haven't seen her in a year, so we stop to chat and catch up. We re-exchange phone numbers so that the Nums and I can get together with she and her little girl sometime soon.

Home around 11 and the Numa helps me unload the dishwasher and plays with Dad until about noon, when M puts him down for a nap. I get my stuff together to go out again, this time for a lunch and pedicure date with my friend Kara. We start with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory: my mini pizza is good but the cheesecake is waaaay too sweet. I think I am losing my sweet tooth. Pedicures are awesome and I get fun sparkly toes while learning about the Thunder Vest or some such product for dogs. After our pedicures I return $275 worth of clothes to Old Navy and hit the grocery store on my way home. The little guy and M have had a good afternoon, visiting two open houses and making it to the playground. We have hot dogs, fries and raspberries for dinner while Skyping with Gma P but finish quickly, as the Numa is getting tired and needs a bath before bedtime. He giggles and plays for a few minutes in the tub but is really ready for bed so we wrap up with tooth brushing and a few books before I rock him to sleep in our big red chair.

I got an email a few days ago reminding me that a free photo book offer I scored last December (oh dear) was about to expire, so I spend most of my evening choosing and uploading photos of the Numa's first year. I manage to narrow down my photo choices to just under 160, so the upload takes FOREVER. I blog and clean the kitchen while waiting for it to finish. I work on the photo book for the rest of the night and M finally makes me go to bed around midnight.

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