Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cheap entertainment.

Fun fact about me: I occasionally dabble in couponing. I am in no way like those ridiculous couponers now featured on TV (disclaimer: I have seen only one episode and was repulsed by the fact that someone would take home 100 candy bars simply because they were free), mostly because I don't have the time but also because a) there are not a lot of coupons for the things I typically buy and b) some jackass in my building keeps stealing my Sunday paper inserts. That's right, people, not the entire paper, just the coupon inserts. They kindly leave me the Parade magazine, but all of the coupons are nicked and it really pisses me off. To the point that I am thinking of canceling my subscription. But I digress. The other reason I don't use coupons that frequently is because I don't buy a lot of packaged food items and there just aren't that many coupons for organic produce, meats or breads, or for staple food items like sugar, flour and nuts. However, until I find the perfect cruelty-free hair care products that also won't cost me a freaking fortune, I buy Garnier shampoo in bulk whenever I can find good sales and coupons. Also, I recently started dyeing my hair at home (also to save money) and I will buy hair dye when that is on sale and also has current coupons. I know, I know...the excitement never ends at my house.

Tonight was one of those infrequent but happy mergings of store sales and coupons at CVS and I was pretty pleased with my take. Three 13.5oz bottles of Garnier Fructis shampoo, an Herbal Essences hair dye and a Garnier hair dye. Total cost after store sales, coupons and CVS ExtraCare Bucks (seriously, like free money): $11.97. Regular price for everything would have put me over $25, so I saved over $10! Also, this is tax-free weekend in MA, so I didn't even have to give money to the state. Double rainbow! (if you find that confusing, see this)

Not my best couponing moment ever, but still enough to make me happy and enough shampoo for all of us for at least 3 months. Sweet.

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