Monday, August 1, 2011

A week in the life: Day 3

Monday: I start hitting snooze when the alarm goes off at 6:30am and finally get up just before 7. The Numa is still sleeping, but we have to hurry if we are going to have him to daycare for breakfast at 8:15. I shower quickly and feed Saoirse and Numa finally wakes around 7:20. M gets the Numa and they have a cup while watching the news to determine today's weather. M gets in the shower and Numa and I brush our teeth and get dressed. I do his sunscreen, which he hates less than usual, and M puts on his shoes while I yank my hair back and we run out the door.

We get to daycare just in time and convince the little guy to eat a few bites of blueberries and waffles before he goes to play. M and I head to work where I learn that the document I spent all of last week generating has caused some major confusion. I work all day to clarify it and finally send out a new version around 4:30. I am super glad that our secretary is back because she is the only other person in our group with a 12-year-old sense of humor and we have much gossip to exchange. M and I leave just before 5 to pick up the Numa.

Nums had a great day at daycare but is happy to see us and wishes everyone a loud goodbye with many waves as we head out. Unfortunately, a dire pants situation arises in the parking lot, so he and I trudge back inside to rectify the situation before starting for home. We decide to stop at Trader Joe's to get stuff for dinner and more yogurt, as we eat tons of yogurt in this house and are tragically out. Numa loves sitting in the cart and "helping" so he is pretty happy to shop for a few minutes on the way home. We walk in our door just after 6 and I make mac and cheese, leftover hot dogs and raspberries for dinner for the Nums, a hot dog and a salad for me and pizza for M. What can I's Monday. Numa eats and chats with Gma Pat until he starts to throw food, when M and I declare that he is all done and head towards the bath. He plays and I scrub his hair which is now covered in mac and cheese. He brushes his teeth and we read books in his room until 7:45, when we do lights out. I rock myself to sleep while snuggling with him and finally emerge around 8:45.

I work to finish the photo book I started yesterday, as my coupon code expires at midnight. Asking M to check it out leads to adding more photos so I don't finish it until 11. I save $30 but still spend almost $50 on the book since it is so very, very long. Choosing pictures to represent the Numa's first year has clearly been an exercise in failed restraint. Then it's off to the kitchen to do dishes and update the blog before showering and heading to bed.

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