Sunday, August 7, 2011

A week in the life: Day 6

Thursday: The Numa has a rough night, waking at 1am very upset and with really gross pants. We settle him and get him and his bedding all changed and he goes back down around 1:30. I try to go to sleep but he wakes up again an hour later, so I lay on the floor in his room with him until we both fall asleep. I wake up AGAIN at 4:30 with my neck killing me, because oh yeah, I am sleeping on the floor. I very carefully transfer the little guy back to his crib (which fortunately works) and he sleeps until 6:30. He is now in a great mood and clearly feeling better so we all get up and start our day. We get to daycare at 8:15 and the little man is super psyched because this morning is cereal and bananas ("nanas!") for breakfast. He waves goodbye very happily and we head to work.

So, yesterday I wrote that work sucked. I need to correct that. Yesterday, work was bad. Today, work majorly sucked and I am really struggling with how to deal with the shit storm that continues to be my project. I don't have time to do everything but I don't have anyone else I can really count on to do anything, so something always falls through the cracks and I am left holding the bag. Which bites. I am tired of having no help and equally tired of getting little to no support when I try to work out getting more help. Long story short, I end my day frustrated and angry and will spend my entire night working. Suck, suck, suck.

I am so pissed when we leave work that I cannot even go inside at daycare, as I need a few moments to collect myself. M goes in to get the little guy and seeing him smile immediately makes me feel better. We call in pizza takeout and fight surprisingly little traffic on our way (is everyone on vacation?). We have pizza and berries for dinner and then I bathe Numa while M gets ready to leave. He is going to a show tonight, so it will just be me and the Nums. I get Numa ready for bed and we read books for about 20 minutes. He is getting so good at recognizing the pictures and is really trying to name all the objects in them. His current favorite book is a collection of all kinds of animal pictures. We ask him where certain animals are and he points to them, or we point to things and ask what they are and he tries to tell us. Freaking adorable. He is really tired, due to a poor night's sleep last night and a spotty nap, so we do lights out at 7:20 and he is in his crib 15 minutes later. I hope he sleeps well.

I veg on the couch for about 30 minutes because I just can't face work yet. I have to edit some documents and also build some mock ups, which will both suck, but I procrastinate by watching WipeOut. I realize that it is stupid entertainment, but it makes me smile and I need that right now. I spend my entire night and a good part of my morning working on a document and building cardboard mock-ups, and finally get to go to bed around 2am, which sucks because I have to get back up at 5:30 to be at work by 6:30. Can't wait.

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