Friday, August 26, 2011


After lots of shelter visits and some very lucky breaks driving in downtown Boston, we have adopted a new kitty! But let me explain...

I took part of the day off on Tuesday to visit a couple of local shelters in our ongoing search for a new kitty. We were taking our time and had some specific requirements. We needed a kitty who wasn't too young but was still young enough to settle in well with our older cat, Saoirse, and to grow up around the Numa. We wanted a short hair, due to M's allergies, but were open about gender and color and are no strangers to adopting cats with some medical conditions. We looked mainly at Buddy Dog in Sudbury and the MSPCA in Jamaica Plain. There was an adorable older kitten at Buddy Dog who we visited several times, but he and his brother were only available as a pair and we can only have two cats per our lease. Color us disappointed.

On Tuesday I gathered up my optimism and headed to the MSPCA around 2:30. I worked my way around the cat room, finally arriving at a cage with 3 small gray/cream tabbies. And oh, were they adorable. They were playing and fighting and having a wonderful time. One of them in particular, Jamie, seemed a little more outgoing and I was drawn to him, though they were all super cute. I was pretty sure M would agree, but didn't feel comfortable finalizing any paperwork without him present. Unfortunately, the MSPCA won't hold cats, so I was faced with the possibility that someone else would adopt Jamie before I could get back. So, I quickly snapped pics and hopped in my car to do the impossible...make it from JP to Lexington and back in less than 2 hours during the beginning of rush hour. I had to pick up the Numa from daycare, grab M at work and speed back to JP. We made in in an hour and a half and I have no clue how. I ran back into the adoption center leaving M to grab the Numa and before I was even halfway across the room, I could see that one of them was already gone and one other was being adopted. I was so nervous and sure enough, Jamie was already being adopted. The last kitten left from the litter was the other little boy, Jasper. Woe.

During our mad dash back to the shelter, I had told M all about the kittens but was pretty emphatic about my preference for Jamie. This really set M up for being disappointed when Jamie was gone, so we debated our options for a while before making a final decision. We were willing to keep looking if we really felt like Jasper wasn't as great a match for us, but after visiting for a while we decided we would adopt Jasper. M met the family who was adopting Jamie, a couple and their little girl who was getting her very first kitten. The staff at the MSPCA knew that we had wanted Jamie and thanked us repeatedly for being understanding about their policy. It took forever to complete the paperwork but we were finally done around 7:30 and headed to Burton's Grill to feed a very hungry Numa a very late dinner, which he would later throw up all over me.

We brought our new baby home the next day after he was fixed and he has been settling in really well. Saoirse is extremely unhappy about the whole situation, but we are confident that she will warm up in time and enjoy having a companion. For now, he is spending the time we are away from home in a large crate so that Saoirse can get used to him from a distance and so he doesn't hurt himself on all the crap that is out in our house. Enjoy a picture and expect more updates soon, including his name!


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