Thursday, August 4, 2011

A week in the life: Day 5

Wednesday: The little man wakes us up at 6:30. He slept really well and is happy to crawl into bed with us for a few minutes before we all get up. M showers and the Numa and I feed Saoirse and make dinner in the slow cooker. I get the little guy partially dressed before M takes over while I get ready. I think I have decided that maxi dresses are my favorite article of clothing and I resolve to buy a couple more. We are out the door by 7:50 and, happily, we remember the swim diapers for today's sprinkler park visit.

When we arrive at daycare, the little guy's room is at ratio so he has to start his day in another room. This isn't usually a problem, but they send us to the one room (out of 5) that he doesn't like. We don't know why he dislikes this one room, but he never does well in it so we stay for a few minutes, hoping he can transfer back before we have to go. After about 15 minutes, he can move back so we help gather him up and take him to his room. We leave while they are doing breakfast and he is hanging out with one of his favorite teachers.

Work sucks. There is really just no other word for today. My project has been a pain the ass for the past month and I am the only full time person on it, so when anything goes wrong it is essentially my responsibility. Tons of little fire drills have put me behind in a lot of ways. To add to that, a series of miscommunications has resulted in putting out a less-than-adequate product which is leading to all sorts of awesomeness that, again, I will have to deal with. My day is a blur of emails and phone calls trying to straighten out this mess and I don't get out the door until almost 5.

We get the Nums and head home. He has his sippy cup and then "reads" almost the whole way home. I remember that we have our point and shoot with us, so M gets some video of him flipping his pages and chattering, which is adorable. We have the salsa chicken with rice for dinner and chat with Gma P while we try to get Numa to eat and not throw food. We are semi-successful but eventually realize that it is a lost cause and take him to the bath. He is clearly tired so we do a short bath and M puts him to bed while I take an early shower.

I clean the kitchen even though I really don't want to and then collapse on the couch for a while. There is literally a blank spot in my mind for about 30 minutes, so I am assuming I zoned out in front of the TV. I chat with a friend on FB for a while and pet Saoirse, who is thrilled to be laying next to me. The episode of Criminal Minds that is on in the background is super depressing so I watch an episode of Jon Stewart on Plex while eating my homemade jam on crackers before heading to bed around 12:30.

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